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Wellness Impact

Empowering Your Life.

We are Wellness Impact, and we focus on helping you empower your life through wellness coaching and education.

About Us:

We founded Wellness Impact to enable you discover wellness and the power of possibility to live a better life and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Wellness Impact focuses on healthy living, fitness and physical activities, mental health and education to help you live an empowered life and be happy.

About Wellness Impact
Ghamdan, Wellness Coach

The Founder’s Story

Ghamdan Al-Areeky, Wellness Coach

The idea behind Wellness Impact was in response to my own life experiences.

Overcome ailments ranging from headaches, joint pain, and excessive snoring to chest pains, constipation, shortness of breath, over-weight, and premature ageing, life was no picnic.

And then …

One fateful day I met someone. And that someone turned me on to a whole new way of approaching my health and lifestyle. What I was told made sense and I made the decision to change.

After several live webinars, online courses, books, articles, and videos from specialists in the field of wellness, nutrition, and fitness, I inspired and decided to put all I had learnt into practice to help others.

The results were phenomenal! I could not stop marvelling at how, just through making better food choices, improving eating habits, getting more active, and reconnecting with nature (whenever I could), I was now feeling and looking so much better. 

I realised my story was by no means unique. I was one of millions facing the negative effects of the modern lifestyle. And it was for this reason that I felt compelled to share my passion for wellness and a better life with you, our clients and friends.

Our Vision

We aim to transform lives by giving you the support you need to live a better life and reach your full potential.

Our Mission:

We strive for wellness and healthy lifestyles and aim to make a positive impact and provide the support to succeed in your wellness journey and life.

Our Values

Our Values

We believe in:

Cultivating a Positive Attitude
How we think determines how we act. We want to show you, through accurate, science-backed content, that a positive attitude goes hand-in-hand with making positive choices.

Reconnecting with Nature:
Encouraging people to reconnect with Mother Nature! She’ll reward you for it.

Transparency and Accountability:
Transparency and accountability to help you can make informed choices and decisions.

Our Goals

EDUCATE people about how lifestyle choices made today may impact our health and wellness tomorrow.

INSPIRE people to make small changes.

  • Go organic and add more wholefoods to your diet.
  • Connect with Nature: Go for a walk in the park, feed the pigeons, watch a nature documentary.
  • Go vegetarian.
  • Get active: Use an app, or join a gym.
  • It starts with you but we’re here to help!

SUPPORT physical activities to keep you fit, healthy and happy.

PROMOTE the use of renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and traditional products.  

CONTRIBUTE towards the environmental activities to save the earth and animals.

Our Goals - Wellness Impact


Our Approach

Our three pillars of success of living your life the full potential.


Learning, knowledge, and coaching.


Whole food, fitness and physical activities.


Beliefs, purpose, hope, and positivity.

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