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Join Ghamdan, Founder of Wellness Impact and Holistic Wellness Coach, as he guides people with type 2 diabetes towards happier, healthier lives. Gain expert insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories from those who have overcome health challenges.

Explore holistic approaches to diabetes management and longevity, focusing on the mind-body connection. From nutrition and exercise to sleep and self-care, discover tools and knowledge to thrive.

Ready for actionable steps, mindset shifts, and inspiration? Let’s create a life of wellness and vitality together.

Our Latest Episode

From Heartache to Health: Belldon Colme's Journey to Diabetes Reversal

Inspiring new episode of the Thriving with Diabetes podcast! We’re excited to feature Belldon Colme, founder of Nutritional Fitness, as our special guest. In this episode, Belldon shares his incredible journey from heartache to health, overcoming three heart attacks and type 2 diabetes to achieve remarkable results. He’ll discuss the power of natural healing, sustainable lifestyle changes, and staying motivated on the path to wellness.

Episode Highlights

Confidently Navigate Diabetes and Hormones with Dee Davidson

Exploring the intersection of diabetes and hormones, this episode uncovers invaluable insights and practical tips for confidently navigating your health journey. From balancing hormones to managing insulin and embracing a holistic approach to wellness, Dee shares her knowledge and expertise to empower you on your path to thriving with diabetes.

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Your Diabetes Journey

In this edition of Thriving with Diabetes, we dive into empowering your diabetes journey with special guest Jerry Scarlato, a personal development coach with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. We explore the power of mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, building resilience, and so much more. Whether you’re living with diabetes or supporting a loved one who is, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you thrive.

Navigating Diabetes: Functional Nutrition Insights

On this episode of the Thriving with Diabetes podcast, Andrea shares her unique journey from Crime Scene Investigator to solving metabolic health issues. Discover empowering insights and a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond the conventional.
Andrea talks about her Insulin Resistance SOLVED System, offering practical solutions to transform your health. From nutrition essentials to lifestyle changes, this conversation is packed with actionable tips for a thriving life.

Whole Foods and Gut Health: Insights from Alayna McNeal

In this episode, we explore the powerful impact of nutrition on managing Type 2 Diabetes, look into nutrient-dense whole foods, and gain insights on balancing macronutrients for blood sugar control. Alayna shares her expertise on encouraging a positive mindset for dietary success, the 80/20 rule for sustainable habits, and practical tips for weekly meal planning, perfect for busy individuals

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Ghamdan Al-Areeky, Diabetes Coach

Ghamdan Al-Areeky

Meet Your Host

My name is Ghamdan, a holistic wellness coach and the founder of Wellness Impact. I decided to get involved in the wellness industry as a response to my health issues. My deep passion for health & wellness inspired me to help people who suffer from health issues overcome these challenges and achieve optimal wellness.

I help people with Type 2 Diabetes achieve diabetes remission and avoid complications so they can live healthier, happier and longer lives.