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Ghamdan Al-Areeky, Diabetes Coach

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Holistic Wellness Coach

Ghamdan Al-Areeky

Empowering Your Life with Diabetes Coaching

I am Ghamdan, a holistic wellness coach on a mission to help people with Type 2 Diabetes achieve diabetes remission and avoid complications so they can live healthier, happier and longer lives.



Unlock Your Full Potential – A Holistic Wellness Journey to Empowered Diabetes!

Embrace the Holistic Diabetes Journey

Our holistic wellness coach is precisely crafting courses that address the physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors fundamental for managing type 2 diabetes holistically. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

🧠 Mindset Mastery: Cultivate a positive and empowered mindset that will support you on your journey towards better health. Learn to overcome limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset of discipline, success and self-compassion.

🥗 Nutrition for Diabetes Wellness: Discover how to make informed food choices, create personalised meal plans, and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of various foods on blood sugar levels.

🏋️ Exercise and Movement: Unlock the potential of physical activity and exercise tailored to manage diabetes. Achieve optimal fitness while taking control of your blood sugar.

🧘 Stress Management and Mindfulness: Learn powerful stress reduction techniques and mindfulness practices that can positively impact blood sugar levels and foster emotional wellness.

💤 Sleep and Diabetes: Understand the essential connection between sleep and diabetes management. Learn strategies to improve sleep quality, rejuvenate your body, and enhance metabolic function.

👥 Exclusive Community and Support: Join our exclusive community of like-minded people who are dedicated to improving their health. Connect with your wellness coach and fellow members to get guidance, support, accountability, and inspiration.


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Secure Your Spot Today: Our courses and community are built to maintain a close-knit, intimate setting that enables personalised attention and guidance. Due to this, we have limited availability to ensure each participant receives the support they need.

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Don’t Miss Out: Our courses and community membership fill up quickly, and once the spots are gone, they’re gone. Join our waitlist to avoid disappointment and secure your chance to participate in this empowering journey.

Supportive community:

Strength in Unity: Our waitlist members become part of a supportive community of people who share the same aspirations and goals. Together, we foster an environment of encouragement, understanding and accountability.

Shared Journey: Surround yourself with associated participants who understand the challenges and victories of managing type 2 diabetes. Together, we’ll celebrate successes, lend a helping hand during tough times, and uplift each other towards holistic wellness.

Accountability and Motivation: The power of community support is unparalleled. As you progress through the courses, you’ll have supporters, accountability partners, and friends who celebrate your victories and inspire you to push beyond your limits.

Get Me on the Waitlist Today!

You will be the first to be notified when our courses and community are launched, with no obligation.

Courses and Community Waitlist (#8)


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