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Get supported today and break barriers

Wellness Coaching

Supporting you to reach your wellness goals and make positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Are you tired of an unhealthy, unhappy, and unsatisfied life? Are you struggling with stress and sleep?

Ever wonder why it is easy to lose touch with who you are.

Nurturing a healthy lifestyle behaviour alone is an uphill battle. You quit junk food and start exercising; however soon you fall back into your old habits.

What if you can achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes, and transform your life for good with wellness coaching?

Imagine enjoying quality sleep, and starting each day with hope, high level of energy, and laser focus to accomplish your wellness and life goals.

Imagine feeling gratitude, having a sense of purpose, and a fulfilled life.

Through wellness coaching, I identify your personal wellness challenges and help you create your vision to achieve your wellness goals.

I help you develop a personalised strategy to cultivate better habits. I guide you through each step of your wellness journey to uncover barriers.

Support That You Can Count On

Ghamdan, Wellness Coach

Your Wellness Coach

Ghamdan Al-Areeky

Ghamdan, Wellness Coach


Why A Wellness Coach

A Wellness Coach is a supportive guide who helps people assess their current physical and emotional situation and set wellness goals and works with them to reach these goals. In addition to being a coach who holds people accountable, ultimately the health and wellness coach is vital to make positive and sustainable behavioural lifestyle changes.

As your wellness coach, I will support you achieve your wellness goals through transformational coaching to empower you so you can live a happier and healthier life.


How I Can Help You

Your Wellness Coach - Ghamdan

Overcoming ailments ranging from headaches, joint pain, and excessive snoring to chest pains, shortness of breath, over-weight, and premature ageing were some of the struggles I had to face. In the past 4 years, I was able to overcome these types of struggles by following healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits which were an uphill battle for years in the beginning but finally, I did it. Now I am happy, healthy, and feeling strong.

Having a deep passion for Health & Wellness inspired me to help others live happier and healthier.

As your wellness coach, I am very committed and dedicated to giving you the support you need to transform your life. Depending on your wellness goals, personal situation and challenges, I will help you with:

  • Nutrition and eating habits
  • Being physically active and getting fit
  • Managing & reducing stress
  • Improving emotional & mental health
  • Improving sleep
  • Managing weight and being in good shape
  • Boosting energy and enhancing daily performance
  • Following healthy & sustainable lifestyle changes

Together, we identify your challenges and uncover barriers. We set goals (body, mind, life satisfaction) and you get the support to accomplish these goals in a way that is empowering and reaching your optimal wellness.

My Pillars of Success

My three pillars of successful wellness coaching to unlock your full potential and transform your life.
Healthy Mind-Wellness Coaching


Discover deeply values that help you find your purpose and meaning in life. We’ll work on recognising your feelings and managing your stress effectively to have better emotional & mental health, so you are confident, and you can cope with hard situations.

Healthy Body-Wellness Coaching


We’ll work on your physical wellness to keep your body healthy through nutrition & whole foods, regular exercise and being physically active, better sleep and managing your body weight so that you can achieve sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Life Satisfaction-Wellness Coaching


You’ll work on other aspects of wellness to achieve life satisfaction by focusing how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with families and peers alike. You’ll find ways to spend time in enjoyable and inspiring environments that promote happiness.


Get the support you need today to make healthy lifestyle changes and transform your life.

 wellness coaching that meets your unique needs

A Personalised Transformation Programmes

I offer 1-on1 transformational coaching that addresses your struggles and meets your unique needs. I will support you to reach your wellness goals through transformation. So, you can live a happier and healthier life.

The wellness coaching sessions can be delivered in person or online using any communication software such as Zoom,  Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. The coaching method is determined what is best for you as a client. One-on-one coaching gives you your very own personal coach. A custom-built coaching programme is developed to meet your unique needs.


1-Month Coaching

1 Month of support


Our 1-month coaching package offers you ongoing support to achieving your wellness goals and being able to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

What You’ll Get:

3-Month Coaching

3 Months of support


 Our 3-month coaching package offers you ongoing support to achieving your wellness goals and being able to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

What You’ll Get: