Speaker Opportunity

Join Our Diabetes & Wellness Summit 2024

If you’re a nutritionist, health professional, or coach with a passion for making a positive impact, we invite you to be a part of our upcoming Diabetes & Wellness Summit as a special guest speaker. This is an exceptional opportunity to share your expertise with an engaged audience, connect with professionals, and contribute to the holistic health and wellness of people seeking support.

Benefits for Speakers:

By joining our summit as a speaker, you’ll have the following advantages:

  • Media Exposure: Elevate your visibility in the health and wellness sector through targeted promotional efforts, including social media features and post-event content.
  • Amplify Your Impact: Showcase your expertise to a captivated audience, increasing your influence and presence within the health and wellness community.
  • Speaker Spotlight: Experience a dedicated speaker spotlight on our website and promotional materials, offering a platform to showcase your expertise with direct links to your website and professional profiles.
  • Collaborate and Build Trust: Establish meaningful connections with health professionals and coaches, fostering collaboration and trust within the wellness community.
  • Engagement and Feedback: Actively engage with attendees during and after your session, receiving valuable feedback and participating in discussions that deepen your understanding of different wellness needs.

Criteria to Apply:

Before applying, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Audience Size: Have a reach of 2,000+ emails and 1,000+ social media followers.
  • Professional Setup: Obtain a good studio setup, including a high-quality camera, professional microphone, and in-ear phone or headphones.
  • Presentation Time: Each guest speaker will have 15 minutes to present, including a 1-minute introduction and 2 minutes to discuss their services at the end of each session.
  • Promoting Commitment: Commit to promoting the event regularly on social media and through email newsletters. During the event week, we ask for daily promotions.

If you meet the criteria and are excited to contribute to our summit, please apply by 23/12/2023. To apply, use the form on this page and find the summit topics below.

Summit Application

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Topics & Sessions

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Topics & Sessions

1. Nutrition Essentials for Blood Sugar Control:

Unlock the secrets to optimal blood sugar control through a deep dive into Nutrition Essentials. Discover key principles of nutrition, explore balanced diets, and understand the impact of your food choices on blood sugar levels. This session equips you with practical insights for creating a sustainable and diabetes-conscious approach to your diet.

2. Physical Activity & Exercise for Diabetes:

Energise your journey with a focus on Physical Activity and Exercise for Diabetes. Explore the benefits of movement in diabetes management, learn practical workout routines suitable for all fitness levels, and achieve a balance to keep your blood sugar in check. Your holistic health starts with achievable and enjoyable physical activity.

3. Mental Wellness and Diabetes:

Nourish your mind as we take a deep dive into Mental Wellness and Diabetes. Uncover the psychological aspects of living with diabetes, foster a positive mindset, and explore the profound connection between mental health and diabetes management. Learn coping strategies, discover resources for mental wellness, and embrace mindfulness practices for a holistic approach to your health.

4. Panel Discussion & Community Connection:

Join our dedicated community in a Panel Discussion and Community Connection session. Be inspired by real stories and practical strategies shared by people thriving with diabetes. This engagement session is your chance to connect with attendees, fostering a sense of community that extends beyond the summit. Share your experiences, learn from others, and build lasting connections.

5. Quality Sleep and Health:

Unlock the power of Quality Sleep and its impact on your health. Explore the complex connection between sleep, circadian rhythms, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Gain practical tips to optimise your sleep environment, improve the quality of your rest, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

6. Innovations in Diabetes Technology:

Step into the future with Innovations in Diabetes Technology. Discover the latest advancements, wearable devices, and digital tools designed to revolutionise diabetes management. Explore how technology can empower you on your health journey, providing greater control and accessibility in your daily life.

7. Q&A Session with Health Professionals and Coaches:

Engage directly with our experts in a Q&A Session. Have your burning questions answered by health professionals and coaches, gaining personalised guidance on diabetes management. This interactive session is your opportunity to receive expert insights.

8. Breakthrough Strategy Session – VIP:

Elevate your experience with a Breakthrough Strategy Session exclusively for VIP attendees. Take control of your health journey by joining a small group coaching session led by a dedicated health and wellness coach. In this 45-minute session, discuss your health condition, gain clarity on your diabetes strategy, and embark on your next steps toward holistic health and wellness.